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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Introduces New Automotive Platform to Fuel Tomorrow’s Connected Car

AutoPro™ provides a full range of technologies and manufacturing services to help carmakers harness the power of silicon for a new era of ‘connected intelligence’
Santa Clara, Calif., October 12, 2017 — GLOBALFOUNDRIES today unveiled AutoPro™, a new platform designed to provide automotive customers a broad set of technology solutions and manufacturing services that minimize certification efforts and speed time-to-market. The company offers the industry’s broadest set of solutions for a full range of driving system applications, from informational Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to high-performance real-time processors for autonomous cars. 
Today, the automobile semiconductor market is approximately $35 billion, and is expected to grow to an estimated $54 billion by 2023. This is driven by a need for new technologies that promise to enhance the driving experience such as navigation, remote roadside assistance and advanced systems that combine data from multiple sensors with high-performance processors that make control decisions. 
“As vehicles move rapidly toward greater autonomy, auto manufacturers and parts suppliers are designing new ICs,” said Gregg Bartlett, senior vice president of the CMOS Business Unit at GF. “GF’s diverse automotive platform combines a range of technologies and services that meet the complexity and requirements for applications that enable connected intelligence for the automotive industry.”
Building on 10 years of automotive experience, the company’s AutoPro technology platform includes offerings in silicon germanium (SiGe), FD-SOI (FDX™), CMOS and advanced FinFET nodes, combined with a broad range of ASIC design services, packaging and IP.
GF’s CMOS and RF solutions deliver an optimal combination of performance, integration and power efficiency for advanced sensors (radar, lidar, cameras), ADAS and autonomous processing (sensor fusion and AI compute) and body and powertrain control, with embedded eNVM technology for in-vehicle MCUs, as well as connectivity and infotainment systems. The company’s BCD and BCDLite® technologies provide high-voltage capabilities, with a path to supporting 48 volts that enable automotive power solutions for electric powertrain, Hybrid-electric (HEVs) and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.
These automotive solutions are available now, with additional access to quality and service across GF’s manufacturing fabs in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. GF AutoPro solutions support the full range of AEC-Q100 quality grades from Grade 2 to Grade 0.
AutoPro Service Package
In addition to GF’s technology platform, the company has initiated its AutoPro Service Package designed to ensure technology readiness, operational excellence and a robust automotive-ready quality system to continually improve quality and reliability throughout the product life-cycle. 
GF’s Service Package builds on the company’s proven automotive quality and operational controls, providing customers access to the latest technologies which are designed to meet strict automotive quality requirements defined in the ISO, International Automotive Task Force (IATF), Automotive Electronics Council (AEC), and VDA (German) standards. 
GF is currently working with major OEM customers and suppliers to develop and produce chips of the optimum quality and reliability as required by the various automotive applications. 
“Vorsprung is our promise. To deliver an unmatched mobility experience the need for strong semiconductor manufacturing partners is greater than ever. The GF Automotive portfolio and program, focused on providing innovative technologies and manufacturing capabilities combined with an automotive mindset, is important for the automotive industry. It is an essential program to deliver our next generation car electronics faster and reliable.”
Berthold Hellenthal, Head of Audi Semiconductor Strategy, Progressive SemiConductor Program – PSCP
Silicon Mobility
“The automotive sector is rapidly evolving and innovative technology will be a critical component for paving the way for the autonomous, electrified and connected car. Our long standing relationship with GF, a global foundry with a roadmap committed to the future automotive market, helps enable our customers to have the highest quality, reliability and support for the manufacturing of our automotive products.”
Bruno Paucard, CEO of Silicon Mobility
“As a global leader in positioning technology, it’s important for u-blox to partner with innovative companies that deliver customized semiconductor solutions for our chipsets. We have a long-standing and close collaboration with GF, and we look forward to working together to support new applications such as autonomous cars, enhanced safety, and high-bandwidth secure wireless connectivity.”
Thomas Seiler, CEO at u-blox
GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a leading full-service semiconductor foundry providing a unique combination of design, development, and fabrication services to some of the world’s most inspired technology companies. With a global manufacturing footprint spanning three continents, GLOBALFOUNDRIES makes possible the technologies and systems that transform industries and give customers the power to shape their markets. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is owned by Mubadala Investment Company. For more information, visit

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