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Free Tracealyzer licenses for education

Västerås, Sweden, 3th September 2018   * * *   Percepio, the leader in software trace visualization for embedded systems and IoT, announces the immediate availability of free Tracealyzer site licensesfor higher engineering education.

Percepio has long supported both technical universities and their students with heavily discounted licenses for our tracing and visualisation tool Tracealyzer, but today we are taking this to the next level.

“The embedded community has been very helpful and supportive of us these past several years as we were just starting out. Now it’s our turn to give something back to the community. Students and schools both live on a limited budget, but they still need access to professional tools,” says Mike Skrtic, Percepio’s Sales Manager.

Schools interested in applying for a free Tracealyzer site license should send a mail to, including basic information such as name of school or institution, size of computer lab(s), and a short description of how they intend to use Tracealyzer in their courses. Detailed instructions can be found on the Tracealyzer licensing page.

Tracealyzer has been used in all sorts of student projects, from space vehicles (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden) and electric race cars (OTH Amberg-Weide, Germany) to AWS-connected sensor networks (BITS, Pilani, India – our most recent sponsorship at the time of writing). All in all, Percepio has supported more than 200 schools and students all over the world with Tracealyzer licenses; a selection of schools is currently listed on Percepio’s Partners page.

University of Idaho, USA, was an early adopter of Percepio technology and installed Tracealyzer on 20+ computers in its lab almost four years ago.

“When I took over teaching our advanced microcontrollers, one of the first things I did was to add code profiling and system debug using Tracealyzer with FreeRTOS. Students have found the visualization features extremely helpful for understanding their system’s behavior and performance,” says Jim Frenzel, Associate Professor at University of Idaho.

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