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Flexera Provides Seamless Monetization Support for Arm Ecosystem

Software Suppliers and Appliance Manufacturers Building on Arm Technology Can Now Develop Solutions Faster, Protect IP, and Prevent Hacking & Overuse

Itasca, IL – May 7, 2018 – Flexera, the company that’s reimagining how software is bought, sold, managed and secured, announced today its market-leading Software Monetization platform now offers even more comprehensive support for software and appliances built on technology from Arm, whose advanced processor designs enable the intelligence in more than 125 billion silicon chips.

Flexera partnered with industry leaders Arm, Cadence®, Cavium™ and Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies to provide seamless software monetization support for software and appliances running on the Arm®v8-A architecture for Arm-based servers.  Flexera’s FlexNet Publisher empowers the entire software supplier ecosystem to build applications that run on high-performance servers.  Software suppliers building on Arm can now more easily use Flexera’s licensing and flexible monetization processes for their applications – helping them develop solutions faster, protect their intellectual property (IP), and prevent hacking & overuse.

“We support multiple platforms, and our state-of-the art licensing and IP protection, combined with solid relationships with our customers have made us the de facto standard for monetization,” said Matthew Dunkley, Senior Director of Strategy and Product Management at Flexera.  “By partnering with Arm, one of the key players in the industry, we’re offering the broadest support possible for suppliers to monetize their software and devices more effectively.”

“From HPC and cloud applications to edge computing, Arm-based servers and network infrastructure are increasingly selected to enable the data processing and deployment of billions of connected devices,” said Casey Axe, Senior Director, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm.  “The release of the Flexera Software Monetization Platform for the Arm architecture brings new opportunities to Flexera customers while at the same time giving existing providers in these markets a new way to both monetize and securely deliver their software products.”

High-Performance Computing Pivotal for Cloud and Edge

High-performance computing (HPC) is central to the success of cloud-based and edge applications.  Flexible and fast technology is required for modern applications in many industries including telecommunications, networking and manufacturing.  With the fast growth of HPC in these industries, more device manufacturers and software suppliers are building Arm-based solutions, leveraging high-performance processor technology like Cavium’s ThunderX®, ThunderX2® and OCTEON TX® product lines or the Qualcomm Centriq™ 2400 processor family.  As they define their business models, Software Monetization, licensing and IP protection are key to business success.

Software Monetization is an enabler for the whole ecosystem of products built on Arm technology. “As our software partners accelerate their development and deployment on Cavium’s Arm-based products it is crucial to have the complete platform for monetizing their software investment,” said Larry Wikelius, Vice President Software Ecosystem and Solutions Group at Cavium, Inc.  “With Flexera’s Software Monetization Platform, our software partners can now utilize the critical libraries, tools and infrastructure that FlexNet Publisher delivers – proven across industry.  Our partnership with Flexera is another key milestone in accelerating the overall Arm ecosystem.”

Software Suppliers Benefit from Broad Platform Support

The main objective for the collaboration between Flexera, Arm, Cadence, Cavium and Qualcomm is to enable software loads which can take advantage of massively parallel Arm-based servers.

“Cadence is proud to lead the way for Arm server-ready technology as part of our System Design Enablement (SDE) strategy.  Our Xcelium™ Parallel Logic Simulator was the first Electronic Design Automation product announced for Arm-based servers.  Simulation loads can now run seamlessly on Arm-based servers by leveraging the Flexera Software Monetization platform,” adds Michal Siwinski, Vice President, Product Engineering and Management in the System & Verification Group at Cadence.

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