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Flexera Launches AdminStudio 2018 and New App Risk Module, Adds Support for Vulnerability Assessment

Empowers IT to reduce the threat of distributing vulnerable applications to users

ITASCA, Ill., May 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Flexera, the company that’s reimagining how software is bought, sold, managed and secured, today announced the release of AdminStudio 2018, the industry-leading integrated Application Readiness solution for reliable packaging, virtualization and management of Windows, Mac and mobile applications.  In addition, the company unveiled the release of App Risk Module, a subscription-based vulnerability assessment solution that continually scans an enterprise’s applications and notifies the AdminStudio administrator when vulnerabilities are found.  By automatically identifying applications’ security and operational risks, IT can substantially reduce the threat of distributing vulnerable applications to users – empowering them to deliver reliable and risk-free applications.

“When applications containing unpatched vulnerabilities are distributed to users, it increases an organization’s attack surface that can be exploited by hackers.  By automating the risk assessment process before applications are packaged and distributed to employees – not after – companies can significantly reduce their attack surface,” said Bob Kelly, Senior Product Manager at Flexera.  “But most companies don’t do this today because it isn’t easy.  Modern applications are complex and have a lot of dependencies, making manual risk assessment impractical.  AdminStudio 2018 and our new App Risk Module solve this problem by automating these processes and embedding them into ongoing Application Readiness processes.”

Confronting More Software Vulnerabilities and Greater Risk
In 2017 documented vulnerabilities increased by 14 percent to 19,954, up from 17,147 in 2016, underscoring why continually monitoring vulnerabilities is so important.

Previously, tracking vulnerabilities, Java dependencies and compatibility in applications was manual, time-consuming and burdensome.  Staff would have to invest hours of research and risk human-error in the process.  And after all that effort, IT still lacked a centralized view into security risk at the time applications were being distributed.

AdminStudio 2018 and Flexera’s new App Risk Module solve this problem by keeping users aware of application vulnerabilities – from packaging to deployment — so applications can be hardened to keep the bad guys out and stay safe… automatically.  Medium to large enterprises with 2,000 applications can save over $500,000 the first year with AdminStudio 2018 and Flexera’s new App Risk Module.  In five years, total cost savings can reach $1.7 million.1

AdminStudio 2018 features include:

  • Application Compatibility to identify and resolve 95 percent of all compatibility issues before deployment or migration, minimizing the chance the app won’t work as anticipated once deployed
  • Automatic Virtualization for compatibility testing, conversion, validation, editing and management reporting to ensure a faster and more reliable deployment
  • Mac Application Management to automatically assess and report best practices and risk across all Mac applications
  • Mobile Application Management to quickly scan mobile applications, understand app behavior & configuration, and identify security risks
  • New, modern User Interface (UI) simplifies everyday Application Readiness tasks with a look-and-feel that’s easy to use
  • Ability to assess the impact of Java dependencies within the application portfolio, including end-of-life reporting
  • PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit2 improves productivity by optimizing the consistency of branding and wrapping Microsoft Installers (MSI) and Executables (EXE)

The bottom line?  AdminStudio 2018 and Flexera’s new App Risk Module gives IT needed ammunition to automate everyday Application Readiness tasks and help deliver reliable and risk-free applications.

Webinar Registration
Register now for the What’s New in AdminStudio 2018 Webinar to learn more about how AdminStudio 2018 and Flexera’s new App Risk Module incorporate security and operational risk assessment capabilities into ongoing Application Management.

1 According to Flexera’s Return on Investment (ROI) calculator
Launched August 2013 as a joint collaboration between Seán Lillis and Dan Cunningham.

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