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Exostiv Labs now supports Intel Stratix 10 FPGA

Wavre, Belgium, Exostiv Labs (  has released a major update of its Exostiv Dashboard software, that includes the support of Intel Stratix 10 FPGA family.

Intel Stratix 10 family of FPGAs and SoCs targeting high end applications such as ASIC prototyping, Data Center Acceleration or Radar is now supported in the latest update of Exostiv Dashboard software – version 1.8.4. Interoperability tests were successfully run with Intel Stratix 10 GX development kit, as shown in a video demonstration available from Exostiv Labs web site (

“We are seeing a tremendous lot of new boards developed with Intel’s Stratix 10 devices. Frederic Leens, CEO of Exostiv Labs says. Be for ASIC / SoC prototyping, low latency networking, high performance computing, video processing or vision applications, providing support for Stratix 10 with Exostiv has been one of the most pressing requests we received lately. We are happy to support these high-end devices and the latest Quartus Prime PRO software as well.”

Exostiv Labs announces further developments for Intel FPGA devices in 2018, that include Cyclone 10 devices family, and the development of a more integrated flow with Quartus Prime PRO software.

Exostiv Labs provides innovative solutions for analyzing and debugging FPGA in the field. Exostiv’s deep capture capabilities are sought worldwide to speed up FPGA development and improve FPGA-based products’ time to market.

Exostiv Labs has operations in Europe, USA/Canada, India, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

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