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ADLINK Brings ‘AI at the Edge’ with NVIDIA Technology

Autonomous Mobile Robotics and Other Factory-of-the-Future and Smart City Technologies to Be Demoed at Embedded World 2018

Taipei, Taiwan – Feb. 23, 2018 – ADLINK Technology, Inc., a global provider of advanced Edge Computing products, is delivering ‘AI at the Edge’ solutions with NVIDIA technology.  The combination of ADLINK embedded systems and connectivity solutions with NVIDIA’s AI and deep learning technologies is ideal for compute-intensive applications. This includes robotics, autonomous vehicles, healthcare and many other industries. This initiative is just one example of ADLINK’s ‘Leading EDGE COMPUTING’.

ADLINK and NVIDIA technology will be showcased in a series of mobile robotics, Factory-of-the-Future and Smart City demonstrations at Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany,Feb. 27 to March 1 (booth 1-540).

“We’re very pleased to collaborate with other leading technology companies such as NVIDIA,” said Jim Liu, CEO, ADLINK. “Our combination of advanced technologies provides customers with opportunities to deploy leading-edge solutions in support of operational excellence and new business models. It’s the right vendor combination to transform the landscape for AI-enabled Edge Computing systems.”

As part of the series of demonstrations at Embedded World, an autonomous mobile robot platform will be showcased using ROS 2, an open source software stack specifically designed for factory-of-the-future connected solutions. Features of this technology include object recognition software and the real-time sharing of data between mobile robots. Another ‘AI at the Edge’ demonstration will feature smart camera technology that can scan barcodes on irregularly shaped objects. This platform provides the capability to differentiate between various kinds of products, thus optimizing product classification and lifecycle traceability. A third ‘AI at the Edge’ demonstration will feature a platform designed to calculate vehicle flow for improved traffic management in a Smart City context.

“Adding AI to embedded systems benefits a variety of markets, including industrial sectors,” said Eddie Seymour, Director Embedded Business EMEAI at NVIDIA. “By working with partners like ADLINK, new and exciting applications are now possible, pushing the boundaries of AI at the edge.”

Stressing ADLINK’s extensive and market-proven expertise in supplying embedded and connected platforms for industrial markets such as manufacturing, telecom, defense, transportation and healthcare, Liu added, “This collaboration combines the strengths and core competencies of both companies in a highly synergistic way. We are very excited about what this will mean for our customers.”

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ADLINK Technology is ‘Leading EDGE COMPUTING’ with solutions that power data-to-decision applications for many industrial markets. ADLINK’s product portfolio includes a variety of compute-intensive building-blocks, as well as fully-featured Edge platforms for Industrial IoT solutions. ADLINK primarily serves the manufacturing, networks and communications, medical, transportation, and defense/government verticals. Our products include motherboards, blades, chassis, modules, handhelds, displays, IIoT gateways, high-performance edge servers and end-to-end IIoT solutions, all based on industry standards and form-factors. Most ADLINK products are built for demanding environments, supporting physical requirements such as extended temperature range, shock, vibration, fan-less operation and hermetic sealing.

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