Apr 20, 2016

Meet You in Brussels?

posted by Dick Selwood


Imec, the Belgian research centre for nanoelectronics has an annual programme of Technology Forums. (Fora?) The European Flagship Forum is scheduled for the end of May and will be in Brussels.

With the theme, "Daring to Take a Different View—Nanotechnology in the Hot Seat,” the programme covers a wide range of topics, as you can expect from imec, with speakers from the top levels of a range of companies including, among others, Samsung, Mentor Graphics, ASM International, Infineon Technologies, GlobalFoundries, J&J Pharmaceuticals, Audi, Microsoft and imec itself. There are panel sessions and this year there is a new innovation - "Hot Seats" - where imec experts answer audience questions on a range of topics.

But as well as technology, there is another message, which I interpret as "Brussels is remaining in business." I expect to see increased numbers of security people on the streets and in the Metro. But I, and I expect a significant number of others will be there to show solidarity as well as to hear technology. See you in Brussels?


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Mar 23, 2016

Why You Should Whitelist EEJournal.com in Your Ad Blocker

posted by Kevin Morris


We understand why many people have turned to ad blockers these days. With the proliferation of websites that create miserable browsing experiences, we’re sometimes tempted to install blockers ourselves.

However, we’d like you to please consider whitelisting EEJournal.com if you use an ad blocker.

EEJournal.com is 100% advertising supported. Without ad revenue, we would not be able to exist.

To Our Audience, We Promise:

In return for your trust, we promise to do our best to always give you, our valued audience, a pleasant browsing experience:

  • We will never run “Roadblock”, “Pop-over”, “Pop-under”, “Wallpaper”, or other annoying ad types.

  • We will never place ads in the middle of the article or other content you are trying to read.

  • We will never split our articles and other content into multiple pages so you have to click “next page”->”next page”->”next page”->”next page” in order to read the whole thing - just so we can deliver more ads.

  • We will work with our advertisers to do our best to deliver context-relevant ads, so that the ads you see placed tastefully near the content are actually related to the content and something you might want to know about.

  • We will work to preserve the cleanest, easiest browsing experience possible - with one click to just about anywhere on the site, rather than requiring a bunch of navigation through various intermediate pages (just to deliver more ads).

  • We will never “rent” our mailing lists to third parties. If you sign up for our email newsletters, you will get emails only from us.

  • We will remain steadfast in our clear separation of editorial and commercial content so you can trust our staff-written content to be unbiased and unaffected by sponsorship or commercial interests. Our editors’ charter is to serve YOU, our audience with the best-quality objective information and critical analysis available.

To our Sponsors, We Promise:

  • To treat your brand with respect, and avoid using your ads in ways that would annoy the customers you’re trying to attract.

  • To never “buy” traffic or engage in trickery to inflate ad views or clicks.

  • To place your ads and content marketing programs tastefully and visibly on our site and social media venues where they will engage well-qualified, interested prospects.

  • To report your campaign results as honestly and accurately as the technology allows.

Thank you for reading EE Journal, and we appreciate your consideration on this matter.

Kevin Morris

President - Techfocus Media, Inc.

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Feb 01, 2016

An Interesting – And Challenging – Take on Tech

posted by Bryon Moyer

309px-Jekyll.and.Hyde.Ch10.Drawing2.jpgI recently stumbled upon a limited series on Netflix called Black Mirror. I’m not accustomed to doing reviews, so this is a bit unusual – yet I found this series particularly compelling and worth some comment.

While it’s not a show about technology per se, it’s a show about humans and what they might do with technology. And it felt like the writers had access to some pretty tech-savvy consultants when putting it together.

Needless to say, the scenes depicted bear little resemblance to the promises that marketing brochures make about our future tech-driven paradise (you know, the one that takes all the grunt work away and gives us all that leisure time?). Given that there’s no lack of happy prognostics, this focuses on the flip side – a darker look. It doesn’t blame technology; it’s clear that whatever scenarios they concoct are a result of humans. But technology is the clear enabler in the background.

It also doesn’t shout solutions; many of the episodes end unresolved. It’s as if they’re leaving us to decide how it ends.

This series is unique in that each episode is completely self-contained. It’s like a collection of short stories. No two episodes occur in the same time or place. (Although there is a featured song that shows up in two episodes…) The actors are completely different. A few familiar faces; mostly not (at least for US folk – it appears to be a British production). Given that they needed new sets and costumes for each one, that’s probably why each “season” has only three episodes at most. The first season was actually 2011, then 2013 and 2014. So I’m a bit late to the game.

To be clear, this is an edgy production, not for kids. Some episodes can be harder to watch. There’s some sex; not a ton of violence. If you don’t like any of that, then you won’t enjoy it. But if you don’t mind being challenged, then I found it an interesting non-tech take on the technology we take for granted every day.

You can find more info at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2085059/.

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