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SpnKiX mechanized roller skates


SpnKiX are mechanized roller skates. They run for up to three miles, at speeds up to 10 miles an hour, on a single two-hour charge to their LI-Ion battery pack. Users control their acceleration through a hand-held remote, presumably braking as well. They’re available in Men’s 6-14 and Women’s 7-15.5 but can only support 180-pounds, which seems really light given that they’re sold in Men’s 14. The SpnKiX are currently still a prototype Kickstarter project with only $2,845 of a $25,000 goal fulfilled with 44 days to go. $375 will get you one of the first hundred pairs, then the price jumps to $650 at retail. via Gizmodo

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Check out the project here at Kickstarter

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