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Robotics trends for 2012

What’s in store for robotics in 2012? Nearly a quarter of the year is already behind us, but we thought we’d spend some time looking at the months ahead and make some predictions about what’s going to be big in robotics.

Or at least what we think is going to be big. Lacking divine powers (or a time machine) to peek into the future, we relied on our experience as longtime observers of the robotics landscape, covering the field here on Automaton and on Hizook, another leading robotics blog. To make sure our forecasts aren’t too far off, we asked a group of roboticists with different backgrounds for their predictions for 2012. This “panel of experts” provided invaluable insight, and after we tabulated everyone’s suggestions we narrowed it all down to the final 12. It was not an easy task. So many great ideas. (Thanks, panelists!)
via IEEE Spectrum

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