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20 WWII-era planes are about to be exhumed from a secret Burmese location


David Cundall, a British aviation enthusiast, has spent 15 years and about $200,000 trying to recover a group of 20 WWII-era Spitfire planes that were buried in 1945 in an undisclosed location in Burma, after being dubbed surplus back in 1945.

Cundall first learned of the buried planes from an offhand remark made by an American veteran. On a recent trip to Burma, a camera was sent down through a targeted borehole, confirming the location of the crated planes.

The Spitfires were built with 2,050-horsepower Rolls Royce Griffon engines, which allow them to reach speeds of up to 440mph. There are fewer than 40 Spitfires flying today.
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