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Florida School for… wha??


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When reading about technology, you gotta love the file acronyms that start flying faster than meatballs in a food fight. While parsing the news on Siloti’s latest release, I tried to do some internet research on their “FSDB” file, which was in their presentation slides.

Not much came up on a Google search. The closest thing was a “flatfile streaming database” which was used for medium-sized outputs and, being ASCII-based, could be easily plumbed to look at the results. Even though the “medium” thing made me a bit suspicious, it was the closest match so far.

But I kept looking. You could find the phrase “FSDB” all over the place, but nowhere did it actually say what it was. Wikipedia has an article with a long list of file formats for many uses, including CAD and EDA. FSDB isn’t in there.

I also got a bit suspicious when I saw another reference to an FSDB file being binary: that didn’t sound like the ASCII FSDB I had run across. (There were a couple other uses that were technical, but clearly off the mark.)

I got ready to send an email in to get clarification from SpringSoft, but I decided to check out their other filenames first just in case I needed more than one answer. And, in a search for their “KDB” I ran into a page that had a nice definition of them both – and it was on a SpringSoft page.

I further slapped my head when I realized that the “binary” references I had noticed earlier had been in a Novas context, which is the outer shell of the obligatory EDA branding scheme (which requires brands wrapping brands wrapping brands). I was thinking Verdi and Siloti, but those are subsumed under Novas. Doh!

So I didn’t have to send the email.

I felt even more stupid when I re-read the press release. There it was, in black and white.

So… for the record, they use the following files in the whole Siloti/Verdi thing:
- FSDB: fast signal database (the simulation results)
- KDB: knowledge database (the structure of the design)
- BDB: behavior database (gleaned through analysis)
- ESDB: essential signal database (established through analysis)
- ES FSDB: the FSDB of the essential signals

PS Outside our nerdly realm, the most relevant meaning of FSDB, according to Google, is Florida School for the Deaf and Blind.

Posted on April 14, 2011 at 12:32 PM
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