A Self-Sufficient Sensor Node

It sounds like, for the most part, you're taking issue with the electret. If a different harvester were used with the same PMIC (assuming voltage compatibility), would that address the concerns?

While I don't want to speak entirely on Imec's behalf, my…


Be a Better Programmer

"Spend like a drunken sailor" If only. Anecdotal evidence is that even the few hundred dollars for Lint is too much. A Green Hills presentation at ESC some years ago, told of asking a programmer what would improve his life. He said a second screen for hi…


There’s a Processor in My FPGA!

One potential option that would address the "sub-optimal pairings" issue would be through the use of KGD and 2.5/3D technology. When you think about the tried and true two chip solution where design teams have high flexibility integrating their choice of …


IoT Standards

Additional service layer specifications for M2M/IoT have been written at Open Mobile Alliance. Both the OMA-DM specifications and Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) are well know and in the case of OMA-DM, widely deployed. LWM2M is newer, but has some industry he…


A Horse of a Different Color

Hi Amelia,
Have a look on the upcoming FPGA event the "Innovate Europe Design Contest 2015".
"Your participation could start the next design revolution!

Altera’s Innovate Europe Design Contest is a multi-discipline engineering design contest open …


Fermilab experiment will attempt to answer whether we actually live in "the Matrix"

I believe that since most things break down into quanta,there is a definite granularity, so thus a design, and hence hologram-like for a better word. -Lee Studley


Cheap Chips

Dick, thanks for the brilliant overview.

I think the ASIC route is often disregarded for a couple of reasons:
For Digital the cost is not really known and the forum is missing to help there.
For analog the trust factor comes in.

We are representi…


Optimization Moves Up a Level

What do you think about Mentor's RTL-level optimization?

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