Synopsys Hacked

What do you think about EDA break-ins such as what happened to Synopsys, and their implications for networked and cloud implementations?


Low Power, Wide Area

I want to know what are the narrow band transmitters and how i can build it.
What are its components?
Also what is IQRF and the LPWA? Are they any special transmission protocols?
What type of hardware is used in them?



Keeping Your IoT Secrets Secret

Are there other ways you use to protect your security keys?


Quartus Prime

It will be interesting to get feedback from designers over the next few months to see if the BluePrint Platform Designer actually provides the 90% design process time saving.


Of Trapdoors and Elliptic Curves and Braids

Some interesting facts and puzzles about Prime Numbers and Magic Squares, Smith Numbers, and Arithmetic and Palindromic Primes on this blog: www.glennwestmore.com.au.


Micron’s New NOR Flash Circles Back

You know... there are those moments when you do a bunch of research and form a mental model and start writing, and a little voice screams from the distance that something seems inconsistent but you're on deadline so you keep on writing...

Yeah, one of …


Heterogeneous Processing, SoCs and FPGAs


Thanks for your input.

I was given the numbers and used them in good faith

I am interested that you were able to get a product into production for "much less".

Did this include the mask set?

Did you have to do a respin?


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