Dawn of a new Ara

Android is Linux-based, and I doubt that anybody would be willing (much less capable) to rewrite a new kernel from scratch. Other than that, I find it likely that the module system may have to be improved.

Another thing I'd like to comment on is how pe…


Who Uses Power-Over-Ethernet?

Yup. I did PoE security cameras for exactly the reasons you describe. Cameras come in a LOT of varieties: wireless or wired, battery-powered, line-powered, PoE-powered; local storage vs. NAS vs. streaming, and more.

Wireless data transmission only eli…


Toward Ten TeraFLOPS


That sounds like some very impressive failure analysis right there. Fascinating!

In FPGA-based systems, an SEU failure could literally look like anything - since the routing and/or logic functions themselves could be randomly altered. I…


An Open Sensor Platform

What's your take on the new Open Sensor Platform open-source project?


Is the Internet of Things fully ARMed?

Has ARM got the answer to powering the Internet of Things?


Viva Vivado!


It is clear to me that it is not easy to bring-up such a big piece of software. I guess that was also clear to Xilinx when they decided to no longer support ISE/PlanAhead. If ISE/PlanAhead was still supported and could be used as fallback soluti…



You hit on a common tension that we have to navigate. I could have put "Directed Self-Assembly" in the title, but likely, if you didn't know what DSA is, then having it spelled out wouldn't have helped because it's a specialized technology. I went on the …


Wireless and LED Power Combined

Whilst I appreciate the author's enthusiasm, the worlds of lighting and controls have been linked together for some time now, both by way of open source protocols such as DALI and KNX and proprietary systems such as C-Bus, Dynalite etc. Some of the bigges…


UEFI: Boot, Boon, or Bane?

This is not OS specific issue. Any OS can be signed and booted to in a secure environment, but may not be convenient.

My concern is in the future will it be required to boot to a secure OS? Will it become onerous to meet the requirements to be able to …

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