Heterogeneous Processing, SoCs and FPGAs

Is this the cross over point? Are FPGAs going to replace SoCs except in the very highest volume applications?


Altera’s Long Game

@Weatherbee -- I've used both Altera and Xilinx for more than a decade ... found Xilinx exceptionally hostile to supporting C HDL to logic (aka HLS) a decade ago .... VERY hostile.

Today they support their own version, and praise the same HLS benefits/…


Faster ATPG and Other Test Goodies

Will Synopsys's test improvements improve your life?


Tensilica Fusion DSP for IoT, Wearables, Communications

tensilica fusion dsp design is interresting, i ould like to use this product into my design and see it, how it work as per specified. the product is good as it said ........


Of Trapdoors and Elliptic Curves and Braids

Do you know of other approaches to encryption that can be of benefit to systems with few resources?


How Fungible Is Your Technology?

Patents are important, Steve, no doubt. I was just trying to filter them out for the sake of focus.

Clearly, even given an opportunity to swap new for old, patents have to be independently considered. Good luck with the event.


Debug Tools are for Losers...Oh, and Teams that Meet Schedules

You make excellent points about the need for debugging early at the RTL phase and having the right debug environment to get to the root cause of any reported errors. At Real Intent, we find that having the best speed, capacity, and precision of r…


Engineering Conspiracy

Dick ... YOU COMPLETELY MISSED THE TARGET WITH A FALSE STATEMENT "This hasn't killed anyone." The "This" is air pollution caused by auto's continues to KILL EVERY YEAR ... by the millions world wide, including high numbers in the US.

GuidoGam ... they …

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