Intel and Altera – Eleven-Figure Chicken


I agree that there are a number of designs that will push the boundaries, and break any tool -- software or hardware tools.

We had the same problem with software tool maturity porting applications to new machines/architectures running Unix, …


Eschew the Real World

This article probably gets a lot of laughs from less thoughtful arrogant hardware types.

The stereotype BS is just another form of racism, that does NOTHING for building teams.

The challenge is to get hardware types to accept broad undefined moving …


Altera Turbos the Tools

Don't hold your breath for FPGA tools to get faster than software compilers - ever. FPGAs will make dramatic improvements in execution speed and particularly power consumption compared with GPUs or conventional processors. But there will always be …


Intel/Altera Agreement (Partially) Tells the Tale

In my view, because eASIC devices are not in-system reprogrammable, they are not suitable for use as accelerators in a heterogeneous computing environment. The specific value that FPGA fabric brings is it's ability to be reconfigured on the fly…


Faster Extraction

What do you think about Mentor's parasitic extraction improvements?


Muxcapacitors and a Quantum Shift in Power Supply Technology

I think you meant fluxcapacitor - an essential component of a time machine.


The EIP Laser Turntable plays records without touching them

I seem to recall that RCA had a similar record player in the 1950's, but obviously it did not use lasers!


A Giant Sensor Standard

All of the information confusion bits aside, what do you think of the actual technical direction of this family of standards? Useful?

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