Cyberwarfare and Cyber Whack-a-Mole

I'm pretty sure the term bigot applies, when you purposefully demean the quality of work produced by the vast majority of software engineers on the planet, by claiming "I think was Martyn's estimate for all software, not software written by skilled engine…


Is Your Design Process Secure?

Hopefully there will be some significant class action lawsuits, that put these idiots out of business, and firmly plant a legal line in the sand that establishes either get security right, and stand behind it ... or get the h*** out of town (this industry…


Ethics and Horizontal Integration

In fiction from the '30 to the '70's, there is a steady blurring between government and corporations, that has steadily become worse than feared. Sadly none of Orwell's novels have a protagonist strong/smart/skilled/cunning enough to escape it, which unfo…


Analog Circuit and Model Exploration

What do you think of these circuit and model exploration tools?


Achronix Goes Chipless

Welcome back @gobeavs! We've missed you.

We didn't know we just had to mention Achronix. What is it with you and them anyway? Did they kick your puppy or steal your bike?

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