Quartus Prime

Cool ... thanks for the update Kevin


Micron’s New NOR Flash Circles Back

You know... there are those moments when you do a bunch of research and form a mental model and start writing, and a little voice screams from the distance that something seems inconsistent but you're on deadline so you keep on writing...

Yeah, one of …


Heterogeneous Processing, SoCs and FPGAs


Thanks for your input.

I was given the numbers and used them in good faith

I am interested that you were able to get a product into production for "much less".

Did this include the mask set?

Did you have to do a respin?



A Tool for Designing Audio Subsystems

Would a tool like Audio Weaver make your audio design life easier? How?


Altera’s Long Game

@Weatherbee -- I've used both Altera and Xilinx for more than a decade ... found Xilinx exceptionally hostile to supporting C HDL to logic (aka HLS) a decade ago .... VERY hostile.

Today they support their own version, and praise the same HLS benefits/…

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