Managing the Automotive Automation Transition

How do you think semi-automated cars should inform drivers of their automated and unautomated capabilities?


Can You Get Sued for Bad Code?

I started my career in the late 1960's doing cross architecture, cross platform, and cross language porting of applications while in High School and College for various educational institutions and commercial employers/clients. IBM 1401/1410, 360/370 DOS/…


Software is Hard

Good hardware engineers MUST embrace DFT and BIST to support manufacturing test, as a partnership with test engineering early in the design process. This is always necessary so test fixtures are available early in the testing process, and mature by mfg re…


More New Memories

What do you think of Adesto's XiP NOR flash and the MRAMs from GlobalFoundries/Everspin and STT?


FD-SOI: No Longer a Cul de Sac

Yes, FD-SOI will take a significant share of future designs mainly for IoT End nodes, where ULP with low voltage operation is the key requirement.

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