The FPGA Tool Problem

@Kev: I assume RTL means VHDL/Verilog, but if you are complaining about transfers between registers -- I have news for you: It is the logic in the data path between registers that does the processing. So that is half of the story because the conditions …


Xilinx vs Intel

Hi Kevin Morris, Interesting article. Might add that C and C++ are not the only highlevel languages to look at for direct synthesis to FPGA logic for acceleration.
We have had some initial successes using JamaicaVM, our embedded and realtime runtime en…


Organically-Shaped Antennas

What do you think about antennas shaped according to the Superformula?


Intel’s First FPGAs

tails wrote "The back-end in this case would still be the custom place-and-route tools provided by the vendor. So I'm all in favour of open-sourcing the tools - but the right part should be exposed, at least initially. "

I agree because the existing to…


Abstracting Register Sequences

What do you think of Agnisys's approach to register sequence specification?

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