Altera Stratix 10

What I mean there is that we use less of the logic resources on the chip because we don't have to build larger, more parallel structures. That frees up more resources to do other things, of course, so I see the confusion in the terminology.


Redefining How Software Is Created

"IoT greenfield market thesis" - uh, no. Sorry the IoT (and Wearable) segments already are establishing extensive roots leveraging existing embedded code and tools.

This sounds like a retread of our 1980s experience with 4th Generation Languages (4GL)…


Granular SoC Power Control

What do you think of Sonics' and Mentor's proposals for increasing the granularity of power control?


Rumors Intel Altera Deal is Close

Kevin writes: "and that Intel is poorly equipped to run an FPGA business - which is almost more of a software and service business than a "chip" business."

As I noted previously, it's well past time that we accept being held back by underfunded in-hous…


Astronauts, Architects, and Memory Chips

Does this compare to NAND or to NOR?
NAND is not reliable. Sometimes when it is erase, it won't erase and there are write failures.
Nor is reliable.

Or are you only comparing the density of NAND? How does it compare to new triple level NAND or Smasun…


The Hardware Vanishing Point

It will never be “all software.”

You can talk all you want and code all you want, but hardware is a necessity if you want to DO anything!

Since hardware is a rock-bottom necessity, I am heading the movement back to hardware. In Smart Small Systems…


Selling the Soul of Innovation

Spending 40 years in this industry provides us all a lot of hind sight, that is largely lost on future generations, as "our time" appears so different as "their time" in their own eyes.

The problem isn't so much Wall Street investors post IPO, it start…


Xilinx Loses Its Tail

Actually no need to add an FPGA to a SoC. Put some programmable or configurable IP block along the CPU(s) in the SoC, and you will have a much easier to use, better tested and supported and area/cost/power/performance optimized solution, instead of havin…


Is Exactly-Once Delivery Possible with MQTT?

This is one of those topics that swirls in my head before, during, and after the time I'm writing. And, in that "after" time, I've changed my mind on something I said above. The thing about the sender setting a final state instead of an increment? I said …

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