Xilinx Throws Down

I just think Achronix is toast. I would really love to hear what their advantage is. I think the Intel 22 nm may have been a small advantage but probably not enough to make that big of a difference. I think you need to be twice as fast or half the die siz…


Tools! Tools! Tools!

Full report on a show with over 900 exhibitors to come. Watch this space


Return of the Hobbyist

Have you used one of these boards? And why did you? Love to hear how you found it.


A Harvest of Heat

Good article, and the third paragraph is right on. Generating power from temperature differences hasn't been top of mind due to the lack of awareness and finished products. I would like to encourage readers to browse our Perpetua portfolio of thermoelectr…


Tabula Nada

Another one bites the dust. Wow, 200+ million down the toilet. That has to be one of the most spectacular semi startup fails ever.

Actually I think it will leave a smelly stink on the semi startup cause. If you can't succeed with 200 Million, why bothe…


Achronix Beats the Odds

I don't think they have beat anything except the VCs. They have been around for years burning VC money and are most likely circling the drain at this point. My guess is Speedster22 is do or die time.

I think it's funny they have totally abandoned the o…


One Trillion Chips by 2017

That puts into perspective the drive to ship a trillion sensors...

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