Want to live in nerd paradise? Head to this state

which is really funny since the tech empires are in MA, CA, TX, and CO -- and to some degree MN


Smaller, Cheaper SerDes

yeah .... could be wonderful, if they were off the shelf at major stocking distributors. Tried both Arrow and Digikey ... part numbers don't seem to match in the site search engines.


CEO For a Day

I've worked a couple places where the dept head position rotated between senior technical leads with 2-4 years to appreciate/learn the position. It's probably the most effective management decision I've ever seen work well. Really cuts the complaining, an…


Toward Ten TeraFLOPS

When it comes to SEU type errors we have done some work but quite frankly TMR is the only way to be sure. Banks currently have three or four processors work on the same problem and vote. In a normal processor they have ECC ram but no one has an ECC multip…


Whither Lithography?

What do you think the future of lithography is?


Google's Smartphone Revolution

I think that project Ara is a great idea that could benefit end users because it fits particularly well with the Long Tail, i.e. it is much more forward-looking than the current standardized approach (see http://www.longtail.com/about.html for more info).…


Attack of the Tiny Terrors

I will say I have appreciated some of the bits of "glue" microchip has included in some of the processors. Coupled with the relatively high output drive capability, and some PICs (the nnHVxxx flavors) with a built-in shunt regulator, it can really help ke…

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