The FPGA Tool Problem

@Dwyland -

And that is why using an open source FPGA & ASIC tool chain with shared development by Intel, Xilinx, IBM, Atmel, Fujitsu, Hitachi, and all the smaller FPGA/ASIC vendors would become a huge win.

As each of these vendors dumps huge amount…


A watch band lets you hear phone calls through your fingertip

$140 per band at the first KickStarter; and it worked when the Mental Floss journalist tried it at the 'noisy coffeeshop' challenge level. If your ear needed fidgeting with, and your headsets get lost at a good clip, and your chiropractitioner is into ear…


A Boosted MOS Transistor

What do you think of Zeno's high-drive transistor boost?


Xilinx vs Intel

Hi Kevin Morris, Interesting article. Might add that C and C++ are not the only highlevel languages to look at for direct synthesis to FPGA logic for acceleration.
We have had some initial successes using JamaicaVM, our embedded and realtime runtime en…

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