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Platform Management Using MachXO & ProcessorPM PLDs

Power-up control, general purpose I/O expansion, voltage level translation and interface bridging are typical functions used in complex circuit designs. System designers are faced with continual pressure to meet their development schedules, and need to implement platform management functions with minimal effort and risk while maintaining maximum flexibility. By using a programmable based approach for their designs, designers can accelerate their time-to-market, address system cost and space reduction and ensure a high level of product differentiation. 

In this webcast, we discuss the requirements of PLDs in this scenario and look at some of the advantages of the MachXO and ProcessorPM devices from Lattice. We will also examine some of the convenient tools that Lattice provides for quick evaluation and experimentation of the MachXO and ProcessorPM PLDs. Finally, we’ll look at the TransFR feature and how it facilitates robust, remote updates.

Speaker: Dan Sides, Low Density Applications Manager, Lattice Semiconductor

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