April 4, 2012

Esterel Technologies Announces Immediate Availability of SCADE System

Critical Systems Designers and Software Developers can now fully support integrated Model-Based Systems Engineering processes

Elancourt, France and Boston, Massachusetts — April 3, 2012 - Esterel Technologies, the leading worldwide provider of model-based development solutions for critical systems and software, today announced the immediate availability of SCADE System™

SCADE System is a systems design and modeling tool suite that has been developed specifically for use on critical systems with high dependability requirements, providing a full support of industrial systems engineering processes, such as ARP 4754, ISO 26262 and EN 50126.

SCADE System Designer™, the first module available within the SCADE System product line, is a system architecture design modeling tool that allows system engineers to model the design of system components and structure using SysML block diagrams.

Once a model is in development, SCADE System Designer allows developers to export specific structural components from any system model and pass these components to subsystem development teams, allowing for IP protection of the system model. SCADE System Designer also allows for comparison of differences among system model versions.

SCADE System Designer supports systems engineering development processes from functional and architectural decomposition to allocation of functions to components thru drag & drop in allocation tables. SCADE System Designer is scalable to very large system thanks tabular views and multi-diagrams capabilities allowing as many as wished partial graphical views on the same design.

SCADE System Designer is an open solution based on standard SysML notation and Eclipse, and is based on the open source Papyrus MDT technology.

Model exchange between SCADE System Designer and other tools is possible through XMI files and model APIs allow designers to easily create scripts, as well as develop custom verifications and data import or export capabilities.

Integration with SCADE product line

SCADE System integrates with Esterel Technologies SCADE Suite®, SCADE Display® and SCADE LifeCycle™, the company's market-leading tools.

SCADE System enables traceability with IBM Rational DOORS®, Microsoft Word®, and many other tools via SCADE LifeCycle Requirements Management Gateway. Automatic generation of reports with tables, graphics and traceability information is available at the click of a button through SCADE LifeCycle Reporter.

SCADE System and SCADE Suite share the same integrated development environment with the same workspace and project mechanisms. When used in conjunction with SCADE Suite, developers can quickly synchronize between software subsystem components and the system model, ensuring consistency and efficiency, for instance for the management of I/O definitions.

 With SCADE System, system designers and software developers are now empowered with an integrated systems and software environment to fully support Model-Based Systems Engineering. SCADE System is much more than a drawing or database tool. By allowing for interaction and coordination between systems and software teams, organizations can streamline their system and software development processes resulting in quicker and more consistent application development strategies. states Eric Bantegnie, President and CEO of Esterel Technologies.

Product Availability

SCADE System 1.0 is available immediately.

See SCADE System in Action

Join Esterel Technologies for a live webinar and demonstration of SCADE System on Wednesday, April 11 at 11:00 am EDT. The webinar details how engineers can apply SCADE System in the system and software engineering processes, and how the work within these areas can be synchronized. To register for this complimentary webinar, please visit http://www.esterel-technologies.com/news-events/webinars/

About Esterel Technologies

Esterel Technologies is the worldwide leader of model-based design, verification and code generation tools for critical system and software development.

Esterel Technologies is a privately held company with European headquarters in Elancourt, France, U.S. headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and direct sales offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, and China. Esterel is supported by channel and service partners worldwide.

For additional information, visit the Esterel Technologies website at www.esterel-technologies.com.


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