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Want a robot at home? Qbo is up for pre-order

by Laura Domela

May 01, 2012 at 12:20 PM


Been dreaming of a having a robot at home but want something more than Romo the iPhone robot and can’t afford to lease anAsimo? Thecorpora may have just the robot for you. After six years of work, their cute and cuddly Qbo is finally ready to roll into our open source hacking and hardware tinkering arms. The company just put Qbo on pre-order.

The release marks a day of realization for TheCorpora founders Francisco and Carlos Paz to create a low cost, open source, general purpose robot. The whole idea behind Qbo is to have a standard robot flexible enough to configure and improve to the individual’s liking.
via Singularity Hub

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Consumer Electronics. Robotics.

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